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Our Little House

It’s been almost exactly three years since we moved in to our sweet little home in Downtown Frederick.

Fixing up a house, especially an older home, is a slow process. Sometimes it’s hard to see your progress and how much you’ve actually done until you look back at what it used to look like.

Just for fun, I snapped a few photos a couple weeks ago. I think the biggest “whoa” moment for me was when I saw the comparison between the front of our house when we moved in and what it’s like now. Dang. We’ve done a lot of work!

Took down a tree that an inspector said was dangerous, did some major landscaping, got the grass healthy, powerwashed the sidewalks and house, painted the siding and got new shutters, a new door and mailbox, painted the front steps, and cleared out the carport. Wheeeeeeew!

FrontOfHouseHere’s a few other quick photos of some of the things we’ve done:


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50th Anniversary Party

Oh man, this was so much fun!
These two had no idea of the party they were about to walk into.
Their kids planned long and hard and somehow managed to secretly get all their dear friends and family in one place to celebrate such a huge milestone.

The best part? They had no clue!
I was so nervous waiting for them to come through the door!
You could say they were shocked!
To add even more excitement to the evening, they were able to renew their vows, with their original bridal party in attendance. How amazing is that?!



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