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The Redpath Family

RedpathFamily2014-049It was great to get to see the Redpath Family again- this time with a new member!
I enjoyed seeing the older kiddos interact with their baby brother- they were so sweet and tender!


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Baby Eliza

On a 100+ degree day in June in 2010, Meghan and Adam said “I do.”
04-MeghanAdam-Formals067And now, five years later, I had the pleasure of photographing sweet Eliza! (on a much cooler day!)
Eliza was as sweet as can be and was so relaxed. I loved getting to see her parents again and meet this darling girl.


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Tuscan Blue Design’s Restful Master Bedroom & Bathroom Renovation :: Potomac, MD

I loved all these thoughtful details that Meredith and her team at Tuscan Blue Design put together. I have so much fun photographing her projects.

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The Rawson Family

As much as we plan and time out everything, sometimes it won’t be perfect… and you know what? Sometimes that just makes for the most perfect images.

The Rawson Family is as cute as they come. Two darling, sweet parents and three adorable kiddos. The older ones are filled with energy… and just the right amount of naughty. This is a good combination for my style of photojournalistic portraits… even if at the time it feels like chaos.

Kids have meltdowns. Kids are sassy. Kids belly laugh.
I love capturing all of it.

Thank you, Ranson Family, for trusting me to photograph your family!


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